Monday, April 16, 2012

Amazon’s KDP Select Program Shines through in March!

The words were barely cold out of my mouth following my last post . . . .

Anyone who deliberated over whether to join Amazon’s KDP Select program will be kicking themselves now. The payout for each book borrowed in the program during March, 2012 netted the author a whopping $2.18! That’s triple what you would earn if you SOLD the book at the usual price of $.99 (after deductions).

Fortunately, I have a dozen or so books in the program, so I’m laughing all the way to the bank, and thumbing my nose at all the “Select” naysayers who were worried about the “exclusivity clause.”

So far, Amazon’s KDP “Select” program is a win-win program. There will be lots of happy authors cashing their Amazon royalty checks this month.

Nice one, Amazon!

(not sure what's up with Amazon, but sales for March are sky-high. At least they are for me, anyway.)

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