Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Google and Gmail have been Hacked!

In case you were wondering, yes, Google’s Gmail and related apps were hacked yesterday, resulting in fake emails being sent to all your Gmail contacts.
The emails mostly contained a bogus link to pages on CBS. The rest are just garbage nonsense. It continues as I write this and is wreaking havoc.

You may be being locked out of your Google accounts while you are using them, with a message stating that “suspicious activity has been detected on your account.”
You are then locked out, your account frozen, and you have to change your Google password (and verify your identity either by a cell phone text message or a land line call.)

So far Google has not released an official declaration, but the Google forum is flooded with complaints as users realize that their Google accounts are being shut down because of “suspicious activity.”

For now, I suggest you change your main Google password, just in case someone *has* obtained a password list, or a way of cracking Google’s password utility.

Better safe than sorry . . .

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